Kikuletwa Hot Springs

The Chemka Hotsprings day tour will leave you mesmerized by the shimmering beautiful, blue waters of the Chemka Hot Springs, an oasis of geothermal warmth that bursts up from below, which are a short but rough journey from Moshi. The Chemka Hot Springs, surrounded by beautiful woodland filled with birdsong and monkey calls, is an excellent spot to relax aching legs after a long climb up Kilimanjaro. They’re a mini-paradise that’s ideal for a day excursion, and the beautiful blue seas beckon you to stay and relax, swim, or explore. Return feeling revitalized, revitalized, and calm.

If you truly don’t want to leave yet, we can arrange an afternoon barbecue or even an overnight stay for you.

Day tour to Chemka/Kikuletwa Hotsprings

Maji Moto, also known as Kikuletwa Hotsprings, is a paradise in the Tanzanian savannah that provides breathtaking vistas, crystal-clear water, and lush flora. Chemka Hot Springs is the perfect spot to visit after a Kilimanjaro walk or a safari experience, and it’s only a 2-hour drive from Moshi (Tanzania), the region’s primary climbing center.

The Hotspring Near Moshi and Arusha

The water that bubbles in subterranean caverns gives Kikuletwa Hotsprings their name. It’s roughly a 45-minute journey from Moshi to Arusha town. This location, which is surrounded by fig trees, is a hidden gem in the middle of semi-arid terrain.

Chemka oasis is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon: it is the only place in Tanzania (and most likely all of East Africa) where groundwater actively interacts with geothermal sources, forming a series of small lakes with warm, never-stagnating water that rivals the best Dominican or Maldivian resorts in terms of purity.

$1,830 / per person

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